Complete Guidance for Wazo UI


Recently I install wazo Unified Communication. Can anyone share complete guidance for Wazo web User Interface.


Sorry we don’t really have this kind of guidance/information. What are you looking exactly?


Hello Sylvain! I’m sort of in the same boat as our friend Harry. I’m looking for as much documentation as possible about Wazo and how to manage it from the UI. In my case, I come from Broadsoft and I’m starting to dabble in the world of asterisk.
Wazo comes as a great tool for learning Asterisk from a “provider” point of view.

I’ve noticed your site only has one tutorial and I undertand, Wazo is asterisk under the hood! But it would be really useful to have some quick tutorials on how to import plugins, how to create some basic users, etc etc.


i’m not a team member, just a fair (french) user.

As an open source project, and the time needed to create a complete documentation, maybe the community have to write it down.

I’ve freashly started a documentation for the Wazo’s js sdk, and damn, it’s not easy.

Also, i don’t know if i will do the same to document Wazo-ui, the reason is that Wazo-ui is enought for a start, but miss some endpoints and logic by some parts.

You can find some old (or newer) xivo tutorial with quite a similar template and options

My point of view is to create an open source admin interface, and document it.

BTW, we can document each part of the UI (as already done), but this is harder to write a timeline actions.

That part of how to teach asterisk and wazo to new administrator is quite hard.


edit: the documentation is there:

Hello @julienfr ! Thanks for your input. I totally agree with you. I’ve created documentation from scratch on my own, it can be quite challenging!

I feel kinda bad that I can’t get to add to the project in any way, as asterisk is not my area of expertise.

I’m doing a complete course in Asterisk, hopefully in the future I will be able to contribute to the project!

PS: That’s for the link, I did find that one, but couldn’t really match what I was looking for, I will definitely give it a read again in case I missed something. Thanks again!



install wazo and wazo-ui

connect to wazo-ui

select your tenant (never work on master)

go to contexts
and add a new one (internal is a good start, because we will define internal range)


add a range of internal number for your user, eg:

you can add range for queue



Well, let’s add an user, we want him to be able to connect to a phone or a desktop/web app
Go to

the email and password entered on the user creation will be used to authentificate the user on the web app.
No more action to do.

users have no voicemail by default, so you can add a voicemail.

you can now test your call with the webrtc demo.

you can add sip trunk, and incalls and outcalls

i’m not using phone provisioning and physical sip phone, i done it 7 years ago, but i forgot …
see dhcp and prov for this point

remembering :
in my time, the dhcp was not handle by wazo, and we have to set a next server url or something like that.
i think you need to go to general plugins / devices plugins and install your desired plugin (depend of your model)

BTW, if you want to use a desktop sip client like jitsi, you have to use the line auth

you want to do something else ?
Have mor details ?
Ask it there !

cheers !

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Take a look at

I followed the above tutorial. Able to create the user. But when I tried to login as user, it fails.


Can you give more details of your configuration ?

Currently my crystal Ball is broken.


Here is the configuration of the user.

Am i missing something?


You can not log in wazo ui with a classic user.

Use the Web rtc demo from wazo github

Or you can try my client on
This one will be blocked soon.

I installed wazo rtc demo… i still cannot login. :frowning:


Missing “o” in the password in the screen capture.

Johndoe is not Johnde.

The user must have a line.

In the context, select user range,
Create a range number.

Edit your user to add a line.

Connect with the correct password.