WAZO for Home users

Does anyone has very simple guide on how to do the basic steps to have WAZO up and running for home users.
I’m talking abount a minimum setup 1 SIP trunk 2 extensions - moderate or outdated IT expertise.

I got Devian 10 vm and followed it install instructions from wazo. so far looks good.

I’m looking for instructions on how to :slight_smile:

  • create a user
  • create line
  • connect one or two devices
  • conect using a soft phone
  • make a call
  • receive a call
  • what am I missing ?

Thank for your time and any answer !


There is a nice quick start from sparrow here: Quick start | Sparrow Builds


It is likely more than you want, but I created a beginner’s guide which is stored at

I host wazo as a virtual machine virtualized with Proxmox VE, so the guide linked to above is a full instruction from bare-bones metal to working wazo as a virtual host, including instructions on installing and configuring Proxmox.

It also includes instructions on installing a CRM (SuiteCRM) and Desktop linux (Linux Mint) as Virtual machines on the same platform

If you just want wazo on bare-metal, just read the installing wazo part.

I have an updated version as a word doc if you are interested. It has updates for PJSIP and for WazoAPIs, I cannot post word docs so PM me if you want it and give me your email to which I can send it.