Simple office deploy

Hi, I’m a bachelor student in France. I have been given a project of deploying a simple office communication environment consist of more than 5 telephone IP. Wazo Platform was recommended by the professor but I’ve found that the setup is very very blurry to me. I’ve install wazo on a Debian 10 VM and I’m using the web ui. I’ve success in adding my trunk, but I don’t know why how to connect the extension to the user (even though I saw there was a ‘extension’ colum in the user dashboard but when I create an user there are no options to fill)? why there must be a context? how to add Incall and Outcall? I have success in deploying the project with 3CX and Xorcom. I have read the documentation and use case but they’re not exaclty “web ui” for me. Can someone help please?

Sorry for my bad English and newbie question.

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Here is the correct link

Apologies for any confusion.

This is a full, step-by-step set of instructions for installing WazoPBX using the WebUI on a virtual server, using Proxmox as the virtual host. You may not need the virtual server instructions, in which case, ignore them. It also includes instructions for SuiteCRM which are fully optional. All technology used is Open Source.