GUI Configuration Guide


Is there a GUI Configuration guide?? I have spend days looking for something like that and I just found

It is a really basic start but there is not enough. Does that GUI Guide exist?

there is so many way to use and configure Wazo …
Essentials documentations are located here:

You can ask here to have help, and so, you can create a documentation for basic administration.
Many people ask about it.
looks like no one make and share his own documentation.

i think than wazo platform users want to build there own business on top of wazo platform and so, do not share their work to avoid concurrency, don’t you think so ?

i intend to write and share some docs and app, but only minimum to maybe enroll some clients.

actually, i develop webRtc client, and i take my time :slight_smile:
so i haven’t started the documentation part.
i give docusaurus a try, but i don’t like it.

I start with a POC, so i have no avanced use of wazo platform.
so wazo-ui is enough to know what i do and how.

if you create a github for the documentation, i may participate.


Check out

It is old (v20) but still usable

Thank you very much. That document was very helpful.