Wazo installation

when it gets to “TASK [b2bua : Install Asterisk]” it Fails and i do not know why, anyone got a fix.
trying to install on vultr.com Debian 10 x64 10GB Storage

TASK [b2bua : Install Asterisk] ************************************************
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {“cache_update_time”: 1588669086, “cache_updated”: false, “changed”: false, “msg”: “’/usr/bin/apt-get -y -o “Dpkg::Options::=–force-confdef” -o “Dpkg::Options::=–force-confold” install ‘xivo-config’ ‘asterisk’ ‘asterisk-moh-opsound-wav’ ‘asterisk-sounds-wav-en-us’ ‘wazo-sounds-en-us’’ failed: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)\n”, “rc”: 100, “stderr”: “E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)\n”, “stderr_lines”: [“E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”], “stdout”: "Reading package lists…\nBuilding dependency tree…\nReading state information…\nThe following additional packages will be installed:\n erlang-asn1 erlang-base erlang-crypto erlang-eldap erlang-ftp erlang-inets\n erlang-mnesia erlang-os-mon erlang-parsetools erlang-public-key\n erlang-runtime-tools erlang-snmp erlang-ssl erlang-syntax-tools erlang-tftp\n erlang-tools erlang-xmerl fail2ban fontconfig-config fonts-dejavu-core\n fonts-droid-fallback fonts-noto-mono ghostscript ghostscript-x\n gnustep-base-common gnustep-base-runtime gnustep-common gsfonts ipcalc\n libasound2 libasound2-data libasyncns0 libatomic1 libaudio2 libavahi-client3\n libavahi-common-data libavahi-common3 libcups2 libcupsfilters1 libcupsimage2\n libflac8 libfontconfig1 libgnustep-base1.26 libgs9 libgs9-common libgsm1\n libice6 libijs-0.35 libjack-jackd2-0 libjbig0 libjbig2dec0 libjpeg62-turbo\n liblcms2-2 liblua5.1-0 libmpg123-0 libobjc4 libodbc1 libogg0 libopenal-data\n libopenal1 libopenjp2-7 libopus0 libout123-0 libpaper-utils libpaper1\n libportaudio2
to retry, use: --limit @/root/wazo-ansible/uc-engine.retry

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
localhost : ok=57 changed=16 unreachable=0 failed=1

it was longer but it said i can only put so much text here…


Can you post the log on pastbin or something like that, i think we don’t see the error.

Thank you.

where dose one find this log?

I would like to get all the log you paste here, not only one part to help you. Without the error it’s difficult to answer why there is an error.

where dose one find this log?
is it a file, where is it stored

hello? where is this log located?

is there a Paid Support / Expedited Support?

just forget it how do i erase my profile from existence, would assume someone would have a simple answer to where so called LOG is…

did you need the Terminal Text or a LOG File and where is it stored…

dont answer - im out of here.

just changed my email to some random disposable one to make sure i dont get joke mail.

It’s community forum here. Have a good day.


I want to thank you for all the time you do spend on this forum trying to help us.

We would all like immediate answers to any and all (sometimes stupid) questions, but if you spent all your time on this forum, you would not be able to evolve the system.

So thank you for what you you do on this forum and hopefully one negative forum member does not leave you with the impression that the rest of us feel the way he does.

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