Main Page stopped loading

Three years of never failing to load, and today when I point a web browser at the main /service/ipbx/index.php page, nothing loads.
Softphones are still able to log in and place calls, and I can still ping the url, but the main page doesn’t load.
This was immediately preceded by my making changes to four user accounts, so I may have caused some internal loop. Leaving the username/pw information the same, I changed the name and line number for each user.
I then tried to log in to one of the user/pw pairs with a softphone. I couldn’t log in. I went back to the main page, and found that it wasn’t responding. It’s been about an hour now, with no response on various browsers (and various ip addresses in the US and Japan).
I hate to do something radical like restarting the service(s) or the server itself when I can’t get at the main UI and people will be on the phones in 12 hours.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:
If there a source for paid Wazo consultants, I should reach out and build a connection with someone.

Can you check the log of the nginx service?

Thanks very much for reaching out. I just checked, and couldn’t access by FTP. Then I found that now all of my softphones have lost contact with the server. So I just restored the whole server from a 14-day old backup, and everything is back to normal. But that does make it impossible to view those logs.
I will start over with creating new users, and not try to edit old ones the way I did.
Thanks again