Wazo-provd - failing to install / startup

Hi there,

Following the main Wazo install procedure:

Host: AWS Debian10

Trying numerous attempts, but this fails to install – everything appears fine/no warnings until literally the very end of the process as shown in screenshot.

Are there any additional steps to action please (as cannot run the installation.

Trying to access the web ui is forbidden.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.52.17

Thank you in advance for time and effort with some feedback.

Hello, looks like provd won’t start, but your log don’t explain why. Have check the status on the server of the service with the command. Can you check the wazo-provd.log in /var/log/?
For the UI, normally it’s https://your_ip/ but i think by default the UI is not installed, have you enabled it in your inventory? Check https://wazo-platform.org/uc-doc/installation/install-system

If you want to install the web user interface, activate the following in your inventory: