How Wazo interacts with Asterisk

Hello guys,

I have recently come across Wazo and it seems a great communications platform for developers. I come with Asterisk (and a little bit Kamailio) background but don’t do much on Web.
Can someone please point me to the documentation which I can use to understand how Wazo interacts with Asterisk? Further what can be done if you are to do some custom development in Asterisk i.e. override Wazo functionality in Asterisk?



What kind of documentation you are looking for? We are using AMI/AJAM, AGI and ARI in Asterisk but we offer REST API to abstract all of this complexicity.

Thanks for your reply.
After posting my question, I came to know about this and I think it answers many of my questions.
Somehow I couldn’t see this link on the main page

We are working to remove this documentation to have only one source in