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Quick question:

We want to build a custom dashboard for our business but WAZO’s Atomic APIs are not clear enough to see what APIs we need to call to build one specific feature (for example for a conference call, Make a Call, IVR, etc)

We tried to reverse engineer the WAZO UI to figure out how things are working but it’s not super practical to be honest.

Is there any consolidated API guide for this purpose?

Or how can we figure out how features work through APIs easier?


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I would start by https://wazo-platform.org/documentation/api/. You can test the API directly in the API console to understand how it works : https://wazo-platform.org/documentation/console/.

The first step is to create a test user in wazo with ACL # so that you can test everything.

Then you use the Authentication API to get a token. In the console, just complete the first line.

Once you are authenticated in the console, the token and the address are automatically set, so you can test all the functions easily by clicking on “Execute”.


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