How to create a subscriber with API similar to creating a User in dashboard?

I’m working with WAZO API and I have some problem in creating a user with API similar to what happens when you create a user with the dashboard. After some examination, I performed the following steps to create a user but it doesn’t work due to “Authentication Error”.

  1. Create a line
  2. Create an endpoint
  3. Associate line and endpoint
  4. Create an extension
  5. Associate line and extension

What I missed? Guide me please.

Hello, you missed to create an authentication for your user. Check the endpoint users in wazo-auth services. You just have to create the user with the same uuid from your pbx user.

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Hello again. I have posted this question long while ago. Your suggestion also solved my problem. But again, as I upgraded my WAZO UC Engine to the latest version, I got error after creating the user in WAZO dashboard (I updated API calls also). The user creation procedure go well and user also register and is able to make call. But when I click on user in WAZO dashboard I got user not found error as bellow screenshot. Note that this problem occurs for API created users only.