Issues with the API web-ui: http://localhost/api

Hi Wazo developer,
Thank you very much for your hard work on the great Wazo product.
I am new and trying to learn wazo, I installed the class 5 United communication locally and I can access the server from web-ui and create users, context, lines, incalls etc, and also I can access the api web-ui: https://localhost/api, but I have questions about the API web-ui.
from the document documentation-wazo-community-en-latest.pdf, on page 239, it talks about how to Create a wazo-auth user and policy:

POST /users {“purpose”: “external_api”, “username”: “rest-api-test”, …}
POST /policies {“acl_templates”: ["#"], …}
PUT /users/{user_uuid}/policies/ {policy_uuid}

  1. My first question is since there are “…” in the commands, so what are the full commands for posting users and policies? also where to get user_uuid? I created a few users from web-ui http://localhost/engine/users/ but there is no user_uuid, only username.

  2. There are a list of Available APIs on the left of the api page, when I clicked on wazo-auth, the top field box changed to url: https://localhost:9497/0.1/api/api.yml and in the token box next to Explore, I put in the user info: rest-api-test:password, then I clicked Token to create a token with body:
    “access_type”: “online”,
    “backend”: “wazo_user”,
    “expiration”: 10
    I created the token successfully, which is 81286eeb-24c8-43a2-9ccd-20a5117f8a7d, but when I used this token to get token:
    curl -X GET --header ‘Accept: application/json’ ‘https://localhost:9497/0.1/token/81286eeb-24c8-43a2-9ccd-20a5117f8a7d
    IT said {
    “reason”: [
    “No such token”
    “timestamp”: [
    “status_code”: 404

  3. Get tokens:
    curl -X GET --header ‘Accept: application/json’ ‘https://localhost:9497/0.1/tokens?recurse=false

I got Unauthorized
Response Body
“message”: “Unauthorized”,
“error_id”: “unauthorized”,
“details”: {
“invalid_token”: “”
“timestamp”: 1580873549.8123991

Hello idoor!

Your issue is that the token you created expires after 10 seconds. So when you try to retrieve it, it must take you more than 10 seconds and the token does not exist anymore. Try with 3600 seconds.

Thank you!