Webhook Questions

Hey guys,

We currently use Twilio and we manage our calls using the Voice Webhooks. Primarily the call_started and call_status hooks. Now, investigating Wazo, I note you have similar hooks that we could listen to, such as call_created and call_ended, but I wonder how fast those hooks fire? Are they practically instantaneous (excusing typical HTTP request setup and response times)?

Additionally, what are the bodies of those event packets? I can see the event types, but I can see what they’re sent. Are their examples anywhere for each hook type?


Hello, the hook is fast, it’s directly connected to the bus and wazo-webhook fire it. You can also use websocketd.

@quintana Is there a way to add a “retry” (1 to 3 times max) in case of not 200 for GET or 201 for POST, so that we are 100% sure the webhook made it on target system ?

Hello, there is already a retry. Have you tried?

Hi @quintana many thanks for your help in mm I can see the retry now.