Using Wazo UI with Kubernetes cluster

Hey guys,

I have installed Wazo using the Helm chart. I am now running the UI locally and trying to connect to it. When running the UI via Docker, I get a long list of endpoints and plugin assigns etc. The last line being:

    2021-02-19 16:22:02,768 [1] (DEBUG) (wazo_ui.http_server): static                                             
    HEAD,GET,OPTIONS     /static/<path:filename>

It then seems to hang. Accessing via the browser returns nothing.

Also, please note that the app seems to be set up for port 9296, but the README shows the Docker execution to be run on port 9286.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Hey guys,

So, I got the UI running, but I can’t find the default user / pass to login. The Helm chart doesn’t seem to take any user / pass to configure the cluster and I can’t locate any information for this in the docs.

Anyone have any ideas?