How do I add a WebSocket transport protocol to Wazo


I am trying to setup a SIP connection over WebSocket, but I can’t find how to enable WebSocket transport.

Is this something that is possible?


Hello, it’s enable by default on https://wazo/api/asterisk/ws


Thanks Sylvain.

The WebSocket I see on the documentation is for listening to events.

Is this WebSocket on https://wazo/api/asterisk/ws useful for SIP clients (webrtc) to connect? By acting as a proxy or gateway.

So just to give more context, we are building a mobile app sip client. We can’t connect to the pbx directly, but can do so using this public sip server, which forwards register requests to our Wazo pbx.

I am hoping Wazo has its own component for proxy/gateway. I hope my context makes sense?

Never mind. I just noticed the SIP client is able to connect directly to the WebSocket or use a proxy. The earlier url you provided as the WebSocket url worked.

I appreciate very much.

We have also a SDK for help people to create webrtc application. Please note we are using asterisk and it’s a b2bua not a proxy. If you want a proxy use kamailio for example.
Our sdk have sip.js not jssip.

Thank you very much Sylvain. I will keep this in mind when we are building the web application.

We are currently working on the mobile app, using Google Flutter. Perhaps a port of sip.js to Flutter in the future?

For the moment this is not in our plan, we only support react-native.