Wazo Trunk Parameters for Integration with Kamailio Server


We recently, just created a sip trunk between our wazo and kamailio servers, and we want to know if there are default parameters that need to be set when creating this trunk for a successful connectivity.

Hello, no, it depends on what you want to achieve and the architecture you want to have.

Hello Good day,

We developed a webrtc mobile app, which we connect to the Wazo box via a sip proxy server (KAMAILIO), where we
also configured our websockets (WSS) and rtpengine. But we are experiencing audio issues on some of our calls,
issues like: no audio, one-way audio etc.

Hence why we sort to find out if there were specifics for the configurations.


You need to check your SDP. I already shared my repository to achieve that with kamailio and I haven’t issue like that.