Good softphone to test

Hello all, please give me a piece of advice about what softphone do you use to work with wazo.?

Thanks in advance.


I haven’t used it for a long time but before, on Smartphone, I used "VoIP by Antisip (+ Videos) and I was very satisfied with it.

Well, I hope I have helped you.

Good day.

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Zoiper is also not bad.

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I have trouble with Linphone a lot, Zoiper works flawlessly

Every one is working remote so we had to search for good ones too
Yate is really good to easily switch between accounts
And the only one i know currently who can display presence (with a bit of configuration) state TSIP
Jitsi looks good but we have a lot of problems with it

Microsip vlot of options, but only for windows :confused:

The bests are the UC apps for wazo entreprise require a subscription but so nice to use with WAZO engine


By any chance, do you know how to associate tel: and call: protocols with Yate on Windows?

Nope sorry we don’t use that

Hello Sven,

You have to modify the registry to associate the protocol with the softphone (with regedit). Here are the keys I have modify to associate the “callto” url with the Jitsi softphone.

"URL Protocol"=""

"URL Protocol"=""




@="C:\Program Files (x86)\Jitsi\Jitsi.exe %1"




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I came across this and quickly tested it with wazo:

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Hello, i checked this softphone and be careful for the moment it doesn’t support pjsip, only chan_sip and he recommend to desactivate pjsip. If you do that your wazo will not work because we are using pjsip.

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Indeed Jitsi does not seem to work for my setup unfortunately (PJSIP). I liked it though, because it integrates well with Outlook. The softphone seems to be abandoned, the last version is from 2017.

The asterisk browser phone (has PJSIP according to docs) looks very promising. I think there won’t be a way for “click-to-call” setups, right? Maybe I will make a workaround via API (Node-RED) or something.

Linphone does not work reliably for me either and the audio config is horrible. The best one I found is Zoiper and for click-to-call I need the Pro version.

Update: I oversaw the golden Microsip tip, thank you @ddfdom. Works like a charm with tel: callto: and sip:

I have an older version (2010) of Outlook that I had working with Asterisk for click-to-call .

It was a aTAPI - based solution with a summary fo a TAPI driver talked about at