Cusomize filename for call recordings

I just updated to Wazo 21.06 from 20.17 and something that used to work no longer does

I like my user-initiated recordings to have a different format than the default so in the past, I put into
a file called
and in that file I put

filename_template: "/var/lib/wazo/sounds/tenants/{{ tenant_uuid }}/monitor/call-{{ timestamp }}-{{ srcnum }}-{{ dstnum }}"

but that no longer has any effect

The recordings stored in
have file names that are the date stamp of the recording and nothing else.

Is there a new way to customize the call recording file names?

It is not recommended to use file directly, since delete/rename will break recording API.

Here some workarounds/solutions

  • Use script to fetch recordings metadata via API
    • GET /cdr
  • match recording uuid name to metadata found
  • Use script to fetch recording files (one by one)
    • GET /cdr
    • GET /cdr/{cdr_id}/recordings/{recording_uuid}/media
  • Save file under another name
  • Wait 21.07
  • Use recording bulk download API to fetch all your recordings
  • Download and extract .zip archive file
  • rename if needed

Note: More documentation should come out after 21.07 (with recording bulk download feature)

Thank you for your quick reply

I’ll use option 3 :slight_smile: