Can not connect with sip client

This is my first attempt at using wazo platform and I have no prior experience on other related projects.

After fresh install on self hosted debian buster I followed the steps in the sparrow-build quick-start tuttorial Quick start | Sparrow Builds and created a user but I can not connect with any sip client.

I tried Linphone from linux, MicroSip from windows, Zoiper from android and sipsak, see the log below

sipsak -U -s sip:agent1@ --password secret1234 --auth-username=agent1
Authorization: Digest username="agent1", uri="sip:", algorithm=MD5, realm="asterisk", opaque="3ccfa39545d2fb59", nonce="1674999743/a1a8f5a5a7ad3b6caf38896cc5a38e43", qop=auth, nc=00000001, cnonce="3ed1b2df", response="b204b3f6bdebbf478908ca69ef198d99"
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK.15d83164;rport;alias
From: sip:agent1@;tag=5eeb83e0
To: sip:agent1@
Call-ID: 1592493024@
Content-Length: 0
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: sipsak 0.9.7
Expires: 15
Contact: sip:agent1@

SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport=50400;received=;branch=z9hG4bK.15d83164;alias
Call-ID: 1592493024@
From: <sip:agent1@>;tag=5eeb83e0
To: <sip:agent1@>;tag=z9hG4bK.15d83164
WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm="asterisk",nonce="1674999743/a1a8f5a5a7ad3b6caf38896cc5a38e43",opaque="0d3bd68948fc7011",algorithm=MD5,qop="auth"
Server: Wazo PBX
Content-Length:  0

error: authorization failed
       request already contains (Proxy-) Authorization, but received 40[1|7], see above


Looks like you user is not configured correctly. You need to use your line username and password in your softphone.


where are the users stored ?
/etc/asterisk/sip.conf and /etc/asterisk/sip.d/01-wazo.conf are empty even after the user is created


dsl400@VoipBuster:~$ sudo cat /etc/asterisk/sip.conf
; This file is part of the Wazo packaging and should not be modified.
; Add files to the sip.d directory if you wish to modify your sip.conf
#include sip.d/*.conf

dsl400@VoipBuster:~$ sudo cat /etc/asterisk/sip.d/01-wazo.conf 
; autogenerated from wazo-confgend
#exec /usr/bin/wazo-confgen asterisk/sip.conf


The sip.conf is autogen by wazo-confgend. Just execute the command to have the output.

pjsip show endpoints lists 3 endpoints however agent1 and agent2 are not present on this list.

and the password for the listed endpoints are different from what I used when creating the users.

a “hello world” guide would help a lot of people !!!

The sip username and password are generated, this is not the same as the user. Check the line of your user and you will find the same information. A user can have multiple lines.

I checked the guide you have been used and this information is described.

To use this user with a SIP telephone, you can go to the 🔁 line menu, edit your user’s line and retriver the auto-generated Username and the Password.

yep, you are 100% right!
it somehow slipped.
Thank you very much for taking time to point that out!

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