Wazo-C4 Docker compose

I installed without any problem.When I forward the number to Wazo PBX, it rings for 5-6 seconds, the call is cut off, and it rings again.408 Request Timeout is happening.If you let go, this call is repeated over and over.

If I pick up the call, the call ends after 35-37 seconds.I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with NAT.These problems are usually related to NAT.

Where could it originate from?

I couldn’t figure out what caused the problem. When I make a call, it cancels after 5 seconds.

As far as I know, C4 is a beta product and it’s not for production purposes and the team at Wazo does not use or support it at the moment.

So unfortunately you are on your own to figure it out.

Thanks Miker.I am happy that you answered me.Glad to see someone else on the forum.I was afraid that I was hanging out alone.

Even though Wazo-C4 is Beta, I do not think that those who prepared it offer a service that does not work.Since there is no document, I think I made an incorrect configuration.

I hope Sylvain is reading it.She helps me with this when she is available.

I encourage you to use Mattermost as well as you might get answers faster.

As far as I know, I talked to Sylvian a month ago and pretty much there is no support for C4 as developers who developed it for Wazo are no longer with the company. So I would not expect that much help on the C4 platform.

I have written many times in Mattermost. I even asked for paid help.No one is answering about it.They do not write for Wazo-C4. Yes, I’ve been dealing with it for a long time.I missed something, but I couldn’t find it.

Kamailio generates a 408 error and forwards it to the other party.

    if (is_method("INVITE")) {
        if (!t_is_set("failure_route")) {

As I said, I think the problem is a configuration error, not a software one.