Wazo as FreePBX alternative

Hi all,

I’m looking for a FreePBX distro alternative and found this lovely Wazo project :).

Question is: Is there any reason not to go to Wazo? I would also install the UI package for easy administration.

Also: How van Wazo be setup as multi-tenant?

Thanks for the help & input!


Welcome to the project. There is no reason to don’t play with Wazo, so just install it and play with it. Feedback are welcome.

About multi-tenant, you just need to add new tenant, there is no specific configuration.

Wazo-platform is quite different from freepbx, it’s multi-tenant api first platform, there is lot possibilities but you need to learn and don’t think it’s a freepbx clone.


Hi Sylvain, thanks a lot for your reply. I just setup a test machine to play with it :)!

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