Setup and configure push notification

I have read the Wazo blog recently and examined posts about Wazo push notification (Either by FCM or APN). I was wondering if someone guides me on how I can set up the push notification for the Wazo platform. I want to send a push notification for clients when they are called by another party.


Yes there is no documentation about that. Our target is to have a demo with a mobile app, we are working on it, but it’s yet finished/ready to be published. But the mecanism is:

  • You need to have a mobile session, so pass mobile true to your token creation. (check auth endpoint api doc)
  • You need your endpoint to be registered with mobility flag, patch added to Asterisk (asterisk/wazo_sip_mobility at master · wazo-platform/asterisk · GitHub)
  • You need to add firebase and APNS configuration for the push (check API endpoint doc)
  • Create a device token and add it to the mobile auth configuration (check the API endpoint doc)
  • Create your own mobile application and support a push callback

The services used for the push is:

  • Asterisk
  • Calld
  • Webhookd
  • Agid

Check the log to debug.

Have a good day

Hi @quintana. Thanks for your response to the OP. We are trying to following the steps you outlined.

The first step is straightforward, and we can see documentation for creating a mobile session.

However, for second step, “You need your endpoint to be registered with mobility flag”, we can’t find any documentation of the mobility flag in the API docs for creating endpoints.

How do we create an endpoint with the mobility flag?

I’m talking about RFC3840 for the flag mobility in the REGISTER contact. We support this flag on Wazo. asterisk/wazo_sip_mobility at master · wazo-platform/asterisk · GitHub.

Oh! thanks for the clarification.

Could you please help with the API documentation for the firebase and apis configuration?

Hi @quintana . We were able to find where to add firebase and APNS configuration. On the Wazo web portal, it is at “Credentials > External Auth > Add > Mobile”.

We are a bit confused on step 4. “Create a device token and add it to the mobile auth configuration”. The device token here has to be the firebase token or apns token generated from the mobile client, right?

Assuming we have the device token, we can’t find where to put it. There is no parameter for device token on the Authentication. See screenshot.


I’m talking about this endpoint. It’s mandatory for sending a push notification to firebase or apns.
You need to get it and set it with this endpoint.


Thanks @quintana . We will put this together and share feedback.


about APNS, how should i put the certificate, there’s only a text box but i have certificate file

Just copy the content of your certificate.

so i open it in textedit then copy all the stuff ?

yes this is exactly what you need to do.