Outcall 10 days

It’s like a joke but I’ve been dealing with outcall for 10 days. I looked through the documents and couldn’t understand where I missed. incall works fine. where could the problem be? please help

[Aug 3 12:18:04] **--** Executing [05324707858@stasis-wazo-app-b0e83cc7-d33b-4596-b0c3-66650a307dc4:1] **Stasis** (" **PJSIP/2129270000-0000008a** ", " **wazo-app-b0e83cc7-d33b-4596-b0c3-66650a307dc4** ") in new stack

[Aug 3 12:18:04] **==** Setting global variable 'XIVO_CHANNELS_1627982284.138' to '{"app": "wazo-app-b0e83cc7-d33b-4596-b0c3-66650a307dc4", "app_instance": null, "state": "ringing"}'

[Aug 3 12:18:05] **==** HTTP Manager 'wazo_amid' logged on from

[Aug 3 12:18:05] **==** HTTP Manager 'wazo_amid' logged off from

Hello, the log shows you have a programmable application to your user. So When you make call, nothing happens except an event to the system. You need to programming your routing call. I think you don’t want to do that, so just remove application from your user.

Thank you Sylvain. it works without problems. :grinning:

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