No sound when a queue is full (queue-full option)

Hello everyone. I have a problem when a queue is full. No sound played

Is there a special configuration?

Thanks in advance

[2023-06-15 14:47:30.4906] WARNING[306795][C-000001a1]: file.c:824 ast_openstream_full: File queue-full does not exist in any format
[2023-06-15 14:47:30.4906] WARNING[306795][C-000001a1]: file.c:1303 ast_streamfile: Unable to open queue-full (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory
[2023-06-15 14:47:30.4906] WARNING[306795][C-000001a1]: app_playback.c:512 playback_exec: Playback failed on PJSIP/axk4ppn9-00000741 for queue-full

Looks like the system don’t found queue-full with format ulaw. Have you checked if this file exist on your system?

file doesn’t exist in en_US and fr_FR.

root@********:/usr/share/asterisk/sounds/en_US# ls queue
queue-callswaiting.wav queue-periodic-announce.wav queue-thankyou.wav
queue-holdtime.wav queue-quantity1.wav queue-thereare.wav
queue-less-than.wav queue-quantity2.wav queue-youarenext.wav
queue-minutes.wav queue-reporthold.wav
queue-minute.wav queue-seconds.wav