Master Tenant disappears

First tenant is working fine on 20.11. First tenant and master tenant are visible on admin-gui. When I add a second tenant the Master tenant disappears and the pbx does not pass any calls on any tenant.

I don’t reproduce that… I made a new installation and I haven’t this issue. There is non reason the master tenant disappeared. Can you show us some logs? For example a call failed from asterisk to get a way to find the issue.

After restoring from backup and adding second tenant still Master Tenant disappears and on original tenant calls from Wazo complete, But all incoming calls fail.
what logs can we look at?

Also once you make a internal context on the second tenant you cannot delete the internal context and you cannot delete the second tenant. The web page quits working for about 1 minute and the Wazo is trashed. It is now time for a restore from backup. Please advise what I am doing something wrong.

The instability seems to start when the internal context is added to the second tenant. The internal context cannot be deleted. To-external and from-external contexts can be added and deleted without the same instability problems.

Ok thx, that weird, i’ll check to reproduce it!

Have you been able to reproduce the instability problems when you add the internal context on tenant 2.

Yes, i haven’t any issue.

Good Afternoon

i have multi-tenant working… I have a request. has an option to either do Sip Registration or IP Registration. Since all tenants on one server share the same static IP address I would like to use the IP authentication option.


12:54 PM

Outcalls work perfectly. Incalls do not work because if you call a telephone number assigned to tenant1 then tenant2 rejects the call because that number is not in its incall list. The solution may be for the tenant not to reject calls in its incall list or have the Wazo server check all tenants incall lists and not reject the numbers assigned to another tenant on the server.