How to install wazo-platform on AWS


Just to give you a small tutorial for installing wazo-platform on AWS. First you need to have an account on AWS. We have an AWS image available for free here:

After you have been logged on AWS, go to you EC2 and click on launch new instance.

You need to search wazo-platform and click to launch this image which are available on the marketplace.

Just confirm you want to launch this instance with wazo-platform.

And review the configuration you would like to have, networking, security etc … Don’t forget to open HTTPS, SSH, SIP and RTP firewall.

Choose the right SSH key pair.

And congratulations, your wazo-platform instance on AWS has been launch.

You can check if your instance is launch on EC2 and getting the IP address.

When you have the IP address you need to be logged on the instance with the admin user and your ssh key filled on the AWS wizard.

The first step is to pass the final setup for your instance. By default there is no CLI or web interface to do that for the moment, so you could use directly the API from setupd service or using this simple python3 script.

Install the wazo setupd client API:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install wazo-setupd-client-python3

Then launch this command to finalize your installation:

python3 <(curl -s

By default this image have not configuration and no UI. You need add the UI if you want one. It’s possible to use the UI on other server, or on your machine. The wazo-ui project is available here:

To be sure you have the latest version please launch the upgrade with:

sudo wazo-upgrade

To install the UI on the server:

sudo apt install wazo-ui

And that’s it, when your UI is installed just logged in and play with wazo-platform.

To go to UI please use https://ip_server.

There is a nice quick start here:

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I have installed Wazo on AWS. Followed the installation. Now when I run the command wizard, ```
python3 <(curl -s



I’m not sure to understand, is it a question? Looks like your post is incomplete.


If you put the WAZO on AWS Server how do you get the phones to connect to the server. DHCP?

Different solutions like DHCP relay, DHCP on site, configuring phone with the server provisioning directly in the configuration, using the provisioning cloud from the constructor of the phone if it exists.

do you have any instructions to connect ip phones to a wazo sever in AWS cloud

No we don’t have any instructions for this part.