Installation of Wazo Platform on AWS done but cannot proceed to login the first time

Hi All,
I am a novice but seem to have successfully installed the Wazo Platform from the AWS Marketplace as an EC2 instance with help from a friend. However, we are now unable to get to the platform console passed the login credentials as per the screenshot.

What credentials do we need to use? Please H.E.L.P!


Have you followed How to install wazo-platform on AWS ?

actually I didn’t but read it later and yes have followed it and successfully launched it. First said engine is ready and now just can go past the login credentials. Amazingly don’t know what username and password to use that will get me in.

Then went ahead and ran the AWS Installation but fail at the second last stage as explained in the following message which gives the error msg.

Thanks for sharing the link to the AWS installation.

We tried again and had success with up until the following command gave the subsequent error:

wazo-auth-cli user create --purpose external_api --password secret root
HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘localhost’, port=9497): Max retries exceeded with url: /0.1/token (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x7fa90df64630>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused’))

Max tries seem to have been exceeded. How can we resolve this error? Appreciate any guidance to move forward.


Hum looks like wazo-auth is not started. I’ll check my doc to verify if there an issue.

Were you able to check your doc and advise accordingly? Is there any successful AWS image deployment working ok with any of your users?

oups sorry i haven’t time to check, but i’m working to update the image on AWS with the 20.12 currently. So i’ll tested it as soon as possible.

Ok well, i made a mistake in my documentation! Sorry about that, i’ll fix it quickly on my post. I just need to check something.

Ok so it’s fixed now!

Hi Sylvain,

Good news! I got in…

Did a couple of things first network connection issue crept in today so deleted the aws wazo instance.

Set up a new Wazo Instance and chose t2.small instead of t2.micro (free tier eligible).

Secondly I allowed All TCP & All UDP inbound on all ports.

Ran the steps and logged in to the Wazo platform via UI using the ‘secret’ password.

Now to read up on the documentation and test it around before putting the right security groups and deployment.

Would you know anyone who could consult and help us run a production server for a VOIP/PBX solution for our customers?

I run a small telco in Sydney, Australia and already in touch with your COO Benoit Aubas and have volunteered to be the first client in Australia of Wazo UCaaS in 6 months when you are ready to go international with a Wazo managed UC Enterprise solution for SPs.

Thanks for all your help and kind assistance.



Please be careful the open source projet is very different from the product. The product use the same code from the open source platform, but the portal, the app web, mobile etc … are completely different. We are using the same API for the project and the product. We are not offering any support for the open source project except our free time on forum or mattermost channel. I dont know if there is some people who want to help you or offering consulting for money but you could ask in channel or forum.

I give you a translate version from my french post few month ago about that: Différence entre les versions

Wazo is a cloud product published by the company Wazo Communications Inc based on the open source project (free software GPLv3) Wazo Platform. is the site of the product and the company. is the site of the open source project.

So we are using the open source project to make it a commercial product addressed to operators / integrators who resell it to end customers.

As explained by @ddfdom our applications are all based on the platform APIs and have been built around an SDK that we provide under the MIT license.

Web application:
Mobile application:

The product around unified communication that we have developed ( consists of a cloud management portal to manage all of its customers as well as applications for end users in web (cloud), desktop and mobile version, as well as a chrome plugin.

Any developer can take over wazo-platform and build their own solution / product around the platform. In fact, we are very open to seeing products built around the platform and to seeing contributors to help us move it forward. We have made an eco-system page to precisely highlight them.

Hope this is clearer :slight_smile:

For information AWS just published the latest version for wazo-platform 20.12.