Bug report Wazo Auth: forbidden group modification

If this is the wrong place for bug reports, please point me to the right spot.

In Wazo UI, credentials, identities, whenever you want to save the identity,
there es an error
DELETE http://localhost:9497/0.1/groups/38869039-5e43-4c71-85c9-x/users/2e33d0d4-801b-4e3a-bac7-x: {'message': 'Forbidden group modification: "38869039-5e43-4c71-85c9-x"', 'error_id': 'forbidden-group', 'details': {'uuid': '38869039-5e43-4c71-85c9-x'}, 'timestamp': 1614971013.5731325, 'resource': 'groups'}
I tried to assign a policy to the identity. With API, everything works fine so I assume it is a bug.


To report bug please use our jira. https://wazo-dev.atlassian.net