Use two wazo instances in active - active standby with shared configuration

Hi I want to connect 2 Wazo instances behind Kamailio which would be load balancing the calls to both Wazos. I was checking Wazo HA documentation but it mentions only Master -Slave configuration and in normal situation Master will take all the calls. While in my case I want both to take equal calls and also both should share the same configuration, so if for example I add a SIP Extension on one Wazo using an API it should be known to both the Wazo instances. Also when the extension registers both should know its contact.
I was thinking if I can achieve this by binding both Wazo instances to same postgres database, this could be done.
Is this correct way, or is this thing possible in another way?


Sorry for my English.

Wazo platform is scalable.
You can separate services.

As an exemple, media services can be hosted in a separate wazo-platform server.

You just have to write your conf, as explain in the install instruction.

It will allow you to upscale the load charge easily with out review your infrastructure.

But, you can use the dispatcher module in kamailio.
As you imagine it, you need to have 2 synchronised wazo-platform server.
Not sure this is the best practice.

Maybe you can have 2 media transport services with a load balancing in front of it.

The wazo team surely have a more precise answer to give.

Iā€™m not at this point, but the multi server infrastructure interest me in a long term view.


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