UNICOM sources availability


I want to install Wazo-Platform on premise, on a network without access to Internet. I would like to have UNICOM, is the sources available ?

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Hello, please don’t use UNICOM, we made a demo for webrtc.



Well noted, but why?

UNICOM seems to be way more complete… (voicemail, chat, call history, contact list, etc…).


I’m trying it, but I got a “Couldn’t reach server, please verify its name and your internet connection”

It’s weird because the “wazo-webrtc-demo” is installed on the same server, and the hostname is well resolved to access it.

I’m surely having a problem somewhere here, I don’t have a clue for now…

What is the version of your platform? What did you filled in the login form for the address?


I just waited a few minutes and it went working.

Wazo is the last version (installed yesterday). Where to see the version?

Don’t use UNICOM, well noted, but why?

UNICOM seems to be way more complete… (voicemail, chat, call history, contact list, etc…) than the demo.

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Because I developed this soft in 2015 and i don’t maintained it since many years, it was a proof of concept. It’s available for people are using it, but I don’t recommend to use it anymore. If you want more features in the demo, you’re free to fork it and make pull request to enhanced it.

Bonjour Sylvain,

Ok, welll noted. In another hand, if you “don’t maintained it since many years”, it could be a risk for the security of your webserver. And it’s still online…

Strangely UNICOM didn’t seems to have issues with the last version of Wazo. Luck or very good job ? (and labelling it PoC is outrageously under valuing its quality ! )

Is the based on UNICOM ?

Unfortunately, i’m sysadmin, not developer (I can change light bulbs :wink: ). I know what I need, but I’m not able (time to do, time to acquire the knowledge) to do it…


Ok so is clearly not based on Unicom, this is our product but Unicom is the starting point of this product.
Unicom is pure Javascript so it’s not a risk for the security of the server.

Maybe you could publish the source of UNICOM on your Github ?

With a good license, the value of your work won’t be lost, and could be forked to start a new life.

I don’t want to do that because we want people fork our demo and enhanced it. I hope unicom will disappear and replaced by a demo enhanced by community :).