Trunk SIP configuration 20.14

Good morning, in the new update what I don’t have is the option to include the data from the sip trunk, such as the server’s ip. Can you help me?
Where can I get another version that is not the latest?
Thank you very much

I don’t understand your question about trunk.

When I want to add a trunk sip I only have this options, I can’t add this options ( which I have in the old versio):



Oh you want to specify a static IP address for your trunk sip? You just need to add it on aor tab.
Because it’s an aor, you need to specify the sip Uri like sip:IP.

How would that be done? In the Option Keys, that option does not appear. I don’t understand, sorry.

I want to specify a Ip address, connection type, and all fields, like the older version.

Fisrtly, Have I add parents templates in add trunk sip?

Thanks soo much


sorry I need help, because I don’t kwon how add sip:IP in aor tab