Token renew in node-red


I’m playing with node-red and did the dashboard as you showed in node-red introduction, it’s nice and i can’t wait to play more with it but i have a little issue which is i can’t find how to renew the token automatically.

How do you do, do you have to use another node ? Or does it has to be passed in the payload ?

thank you


The config node use the refresh token mecanism of wazo auth. You don’t need to do something.

I must be missing something because the token expire and does not renew on my apps

How did you configure the node config? Normally you just need to add the url, a login and password, and when you save it, it gets the refresh token. After that the plugin are in charge to renew the token with the refresh token.

Nothing fancy, user + password and i do get a token. But it expires and doesn’t renew.

I must re-enter user password and click on renew token for it to work, it’s currently expired if you need other screenshot

Please can you provide me log from node red and log from wazo auth.
What’s your version of node red, the plugin and wazo-platform.

Well i just learned how to get log from console in docker and in wazo auth i can see the token is refreshed so i must have an issue somewhere else.
Sorry for your time, thank you for your help

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