IVR plugin for 18.3

I know no one like people asking about old releases but, long story shortened, I need to recover a 18.3.
Done a fresh install and restored from backup, not staightforward but finally got a fully working system except I cant’install admin plugins because of missing repositories/github sources.
Anyone cant point me to an archive package to install IVR plugin for 18.3? Thanks!!

I can’t simply rebuild the system using latest relese because cti client is missing but needed, I planned to replace the some features/info that was provided by wazo cti client using node-red but I need some time to get it working.


What is IVR plugin for 18.03? :slight_smile: I’m not sure to understand what you are looking for. Is it on the orange admin interface?


It’s one of plugins on the lte ui under /admin introduced in 17.x not the original orange gui.

However I solved using a custome dialplan… customized destinations and “Preprocess subroutines” are the things I most like in Wazo! Many thans for those cherries!

… well i think it has been deleted. @fblackburn any idea to find this code?

Oh sorry for the delay (didn’t have/seen notif via email)
I pushed back the code GitHub - wazo-platform/wazo-admin-ui-ivr
Please fork the repo (or save locally), even if I guess we won’t do any cleanup soon :smile:

Don’t worry François.
Many thanks.