IVR Dial Extension

Using the built-in IVR configuration options, is it possible to enable extension dialing within the menu?

For example, you have your standard "Press 1 for " and "Press 2 for ", “Or if you know your parties extension you may enter it now”

I have searched around the community, but it looks like a custom application using node-red may be the only option.



It’s possible to write template to add feature inside the menu.
Go to /etc/wazo-confgend/templates/asterisk/extensions/
Copy ivr.jinja in ivr-<id>.jinja, modify it, then restart wazo-confgend and reload asterisk dialplan.

systemctl restart wazo-confgend
asterisk -rx 'dialplan reload'


Cannot get to file /etc/wazo-confgend/templates/asterisk no asterisk ver 22.06