How to find tenant UUID?

I am trying to use the API. In the post-install docs, it recommends this:

To achieve this you must enable the `trust_id_inbound` option of you SIP endpoint. This can be achived on all endpoints on a tenant by modifying the `global` SIP template for that tenant:

* `PUT /endpoints/sip/templates/<global_template_uuid>`

I have looked high and low but I cannot find the tenant uuid or even the Global uuid (using the default my-company tenant,) so of course I can’t send any requests.

Also, what kind of auth is the token given … using Insomnia, the only one that makes a slight bit of sense is “Bearer Token”. Is this the correct info? I did this before using Postman but now I just don’t know how to get global tenant uuid.


Oops … I mixed up tenant uuid with global sip template … I finally found that in the SIP template settings above the ‘Global’ tab. But now, I’m attempting to set codecs and such as the post-install describes, but the server returns “not found.” This is the URL I’m using;

and then the JSON data in it’s spot and ‘X-Auth-Token’ as a header. Is the API version wrong?

This used to work, but even when the web console says I’m “Authorized” it ALWAYS claims otherwise:

“message”: “Unauthorized”,
“error_id”: “unauthorized”,
“details”: {
“invalid_token”: “64037787-71ec-4b07-9440-1b56f5b96f62”
“timestamp”: 1611212838.9152787

What am I doing wrong? It says plainly:

wazo_auth_token (apiKey)


Name: X-Auth-Token

In: header

Value: ******

But every request is denied, both in the web console and in Insomnia. Curl just whines about it being an insecure server. How are you supposed to obtain a valid token or make your own server hush up and let you get something done?