Call-limit in Wazo 22.04

After updating Wazo from version 20 to 22.04 I can’t find the call-limit parameter which allows to limit the number of simultaneous calls on a trunk.
With PJSIP asterisk talks about GROUP and GROUP_COUNT (Call-limit in pjsip - Asterisk SIP - Asterisk Community)
But it seems quite complicated compared to “call-limit” with SIP so I was wondering if in Wazo there was a similar way to do it.

Call-limit is chan sip option, we moved to chan pjsip.

Yes I know, but how to limit the number of simultaneous calls in Wazo with pjsip ?

With the GROUP and GROUP_COUNT function in the asterisk dialplan.

Yes that’s what I said in my first comment, but is there a simple way to do it or in the GUI?

On user part there is “Simultaneous calls” options. It doesn’t work for you?

I was thinking about simultaneous calls for the carrier trunk, not the users. Like when we have multiple trunks.

We don’t have this feature by default, you need to write a subroutine for the outgoing calls and create your own logic with the asterisk dialplan.