Add Emergency Caller ID and Emergency Call Name to Wazo-ui user


My proposal to solve your issue is based on two parts.

1/ Add on your user line on wazo-ui two variables:

2/ Add a dialplan subroutine like this:

exten = s,1,NoOp(This is an example for all my outcalls)
same  =   n,GotoIf($[${XIVO_DSTNUM} == 911]?:return)
same  =   n,Set(CALLERID(num)=${EMERGENCY_NUMBER})
same  =   n,GoSub(wazo-add-pre-dial-hook,s,1(ng911))
same  =   n(return),Return()

exten = s,1,NoOp(Set ng911)
same  =   n,Set(PJSIP_HEADER(add,X-ng911)=${EMERGENCY_ROOM})
same  =   n,Return()