Add Emergency Caller ID and Emergency Call Name to Wazo-ui user

I would like to find someone who can add 2 fields to Wazo-ui for Emergency calls in the User column. the column already has Caller ID and Outgoing caller ID Fields. the numbers that are considered Emergency should be configuered in a table Maybe SIP to include 911 and test numbers.


The 2 new columns should be Emergency Caller ID and Outgoing Caller ID. The Outgoing Caller is usually a name with quotes. I do not know how to modify the Wazo-UI
but this is vital in USA to comply with 2 new Federal laws that went in March 2020. Kari’s Law and Ray Baums act are the new laws. Our SIP Trunk provider has already implemented the changes to be compliant with the laws on their side.

I hope that this will be done quickly since it is a legal problem in USA.

James Young

I do not know what to think of the total lack of response to this request.


Hello, have you open a request feature on our jira? What would you like to do exactly? It’s quite easy to extend wazo-ui and wazo-platform but we don’t have full documentation … But looks like simple, i could help you to realize a very small plugin to show you the way :wink:

What we need is a way to give location data including street address, Floor number and Room number to the 911 dispatch center via Caller ID. The way to accomplish this is to have a DID with proper location data at every separate location. the User field has the option to select the outgoing caller id for each user extension. I am requesting an emergency outgoing caller id field that can be configured to the proper DID for that extension for an emergency call. The caller id for the emergency call could be different than the caller id for non emergency caller id.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you for your time to consider this request.

James Young

Can you show me an exemple of a callerid please.

Here are crude drawings

Did I clarify what i am needing?

I appreciate the work being done on this project and wish to offer great ideas to help with this project. I am at a loss to figure out the non responses to questions on this forum. I realize that everyone is very busy. I need the request to be completed to move forward with a project. Maybe the answer is a different solution than what I am proposing to comply with the new laws in the USA…
James Young

Yes it’s clear, but my proposal is to do a simple module to help you to achieve that, not to change the original module.

If you need a fast solution, you could simply change the dialplan with subroutine.

I love your proposal to do a simple module to help me achieve my needs. Please keep me up to date on the progress and notify me if there is anything I can do ie. testing.

James Young

Quintanna… In Arpril 2020 you offered your help to help me with a small plugin to expand Wazo-ui for 911 emergency calls. I would like to to accept the help. I was not experienced enough to try then, but I would like your help now.

James Young


My proposal to solve your issue is based on two parts.

1/ Add on your user line on wazo-ui two variables:

2/ Add a dialplan subroutine like this:

exten = s,1,NoOp(This is an example for all my outcalls)
same  =   n,GotoIf($[${XIVO_DSTNUM} == 911]?:return)
same  =   n,Set(CALLERID(num)=${EMERGENCY_NUMBER})
same  =   n,GoSub(wazo-add-pre-dial-hook,s,1(ng911))
same  =   n(return),Return()

exten = s,1,NoOp(Set ng911)
same  =   n,Set(PJSIP_HEADER(add,X-ng911)=${EMERGENCY_ROOM})
same  =   n,Return()