2 questions about Wazo

1 I reported that the group function rings Sip extensions but not Sccp extensions. ver 20.09. The response on mattermost was that was important information but I would like to know status on this bug.

2 I have seen discussion about 2 tenants 2 numbers one Voip provider and problems that occur on mattermost. The discussion seemed to end with no solution given. I have the same problem 2 tenants, 2 phone numbers, and one Voip provider Bulkvs and cannot get the solution.

James Young

Hi James,

thank you very much for bringing this up. The issue will be fixed in Wazo Platform 20.10: https://wazo-dev.atlassian.net/browse/WAZO-1853. The link includes a patch that you can use on your Wazo Platform to fix the issue immediately.