Wazo with LDAP authentication configuration


Can anyone help us to configure the Wazo with LDAP authentication.

I configured the below path in Wazo portal but I could not successes.

Wazo Portal → Directory → sources → we added the ldap config

Wazo Portal → Directory → profile → default → we enabled the ldap config here.

above configuration does not work for us.

Note :

Both Wazo and ldap servers are communicated each other.
Do we need to configure anything on code level.

Thank you in advance.

Ram U

We are using Wazo latest version (20.X).


There is no LDAP authentication in wazo-platform for the moment.


Hi Sylvain,

Thank you for your response.

We can saw the LDAP option under the "Directory → Sources ", can we use the option to integrate LDAP authentications.

Also, “Credential” segment we can saw the “External Auth” with Microsoft Azure Auth. can we use this option for Azure SSO.

Ram U


This is for the directories synchronisation. We’ll add the SSO features in the future, this is on our roadmap but not yet released.


Thank you for your update!!!