Source for Cisco SCCP firmware

Does any one know a source for Cisco firmware used in Wazo , the 8.5.2 for 7941, and 9.4.2sr1 for Cisco 7941, 7942, 7945, 7970, 7975. These firmwares are not available on as they are obsolete.
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James Young

We are supporting the 9.4.3 according the documentation :

According to the latest firmware on there site is
7941-7961 Not Available, 7942-7962 9.4.2SR3, 7945-7965 9.4.2SR3, 7970-7971 Not Available, 7975 9.4.2SR4.
I cannot see any firmware for 7900 phones that is 9.4.3 on Cisco Website.

Well this is probably a mistake and probably 9.4.2sr3. But in fact i think the latest version will be good. have you tried? But you right, it seems they have removed this models on the website. There is 7942G, 7962G, 7945G, 7975G but not 41, 70 and 71.