Provider Registration Using Outbound Proxy

Hello Wazo Community,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the dedicated members of the Wazo community for the exceptional work you do in providing and supporting the Wazo platform.

Now, I am reaching out to seek assistance with a specific challenge I am facing in configuring my VoIP provider registration using an outbound proxy. Despite the comprehensive documentation provided at, I have encountered a roadblock with Wazo Platform 23.17

Here are examples of pertinent details of my configuration:
Username: xx-yyy-zzz-1212

Following the documentation, I expected to find the URL "/registers/sip on the Swagger console at However, I was unable to locate the specified endpoint under “Registers,” and it appears that the available options are primarily related to IAX.

Additionally, I attempted to configure the settings using the GUI, and while I could successfully see option pings go out to the VoIP provider, no registration requests were initiated.

I am reaching out to seek your guidance and expertise in resolving this issue. If there are specific steps or configurations that I may have overlooked, your assistance in pointing them out would be immensely valuable.

Once again, thank you for the exceptional work you do in making Wazo a powerful and reliable communication platform. I look forward to your insights and guidance in overcoming this challenge.

Hello, I think it’s an issue with our documentation, we probably forgot to update the documentation when we migrated long time ago to the pjsip channel. That’s why there is no endpoint in the API here for the registration.

Thank you @quintana

It’s now working as expected. For those whose providers use outbound proxies, you will need to enable loose routing by adding the outbound proxy on the registration, endpoint, and AOR pages on the trunk settings. make sure you escape the semicolon with a “backslash” as by default asterisk config parser see “;” as the beginning of a comment. Here are example screenshots.