Proposition: add categories

To help navigate into the forum I propose to create the following categories:

  Development: API/Events
  Development Platform
  Développement: API/Events
  Développement Platform
  • Proceed to create these categories
  • Keep the forum like it is

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Is the intent that bug reports be submitted via a seperate forum/board? If so, I think it would be helpful to have a sticky note on this forum advising users/developer of that.

Will there be a “Search All” function that searches across categories?

I have worked with other Forums where they do not have this, and I spend time going thorugh all the categories because my question (say on configuration) has been addressed in another Category (say the Development Category).

Bugs should go to not really in the forum imho. It’s a good idea to have a sticky note reminding that btw.

The search box is already searching everywhere I think.

It is now because there are no Categories. I am willing to bet it will - if configured to do so - but am not sure what the default configuration for this Forum is / will be.

I made the test on the official discourse forum, it search through everything. Unless I misunderstood

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The new categories are in place. Enjoy!

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