No Issue - Appreciation

I wanted to share my gratitude for the quality work the Wazo team does. I use Wazo for my home/office situation - a small system but I still want it to work well.

I just used the wazo-upgrade tool to upgrade from v22.05 to v22.07, which involved ugrading the OS, the database application and the Wazo database, amongst other things.

Following the clear instructions at

the upgrade went without a problem.

I was actually expecting a few glitches, since, even if I was manually just upgrading from Debian 10 to Debian 11 on a non-Wazo system, I would have expected something to require intervention.

But your upgrade went flawlessly.

Thank you for creating such a good system and making the maintenance of the system so painless.


From the wazo development team, thank your for your kind words and positive feedback, it’s much appreciated.

Wishing you the best continued experience!

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Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.