No audio after few calls

when i try to make calls using wazo , for initially 4 to 5 calls connecting perfectly after that no audio from both ends
i am new to wazo platform .
Can anyone help me to find solution??

Hello, please get/check pcap/sngrep capture. Without this information it’s complicated to help you.

Thanks for the response,
i have found that STUN server failed to update the public ip address to contact header in calling session.(NAT)
Now i changed new stun server in server.
Is this correct or any other reason may cause no audio issue.
Because the system is deployed last year till last month its working good.
If the issue persist i will share the pcap file.

once again Thank you.

We found if the stun server declared in asterisk with a DNS resolution change, then if you don’t reload the module or Asterisk there is an issue with stun negotiation. But symptoms is not only issue with media, it’s also longest calls termination. We are working on that to propose a fix.