Apply configuration after direct database data change

Hi there!
We have an application that uses PostgreSQL as a backend.
We would like to create a small UI in our app framework to manage SIP peers.
So this app will use our MVC to present UI and store SIP data using our ORM in PostgreSQL. We created models and now wazo-ui and and our app manipulate the same data from the same db tabe.
The question is: what is the correct procedure to apply changes? For example, we added a new SIP user. How to apply it?

Hello, this is not a good practice to use the BD with Wazo. Please use the API to be sure your application will work correctly in the futur.

Thank you for the reply.
I understand why you say to use API.
But I am Asterisk dCAP certified developer so I understand quite good the internals and drawbacks of my approach.
I want to dive into Wazo internals and learn it to develop my custom solution using direct database access.
So I would be happy to get just few hints :slight_smile:

Honestly it’s not good idea. We develop the platform to provide API for people who want to develop custom solution on the top of the platform. We don’t provide a stable approach to use directly information from db because we want to change it when we want. My point is not you don’t understand what you do, it’s more this platform has not been develop to do that and using directly the database is not a good idea with Wazo. So now, i give you this big warning, it’s up to you do play how you want, that the beauty of the free software.
If you are python programmer there is dao to play with the db in our github repo. We don’t have any specific documentation for this part.

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Thank you, Sylvain!
I understand your point and know the risk.
But anyway I will go this way.
At least I will become a Wazo developer :slight_smile:

You free to do what you want :wink:
Have fun and don’t hesitate to share your experiences.