2 questions about Groups Wazo

  1. Groups can you set up 10 digit numbers to call as an extension in a group?
    for example when someone dials group 7100 I want it to ring user JKY, user GJY and 3615752311.

  2. Groups can you dial a Group of 4 Users or extensions, Ring 3 simultaneous, but delay ringing on a fourth User or extension for 10 seconds? Then all extensions ring until Group ring time out?

James Young


1 Old school method used in wazo 17, but still works: add a specific user in the group, with a “custom” line (instead of SIP or webrtc) and a Local channel (that match your context for outgoing calls).

1 In wazo 20, you can add directly an external line to a group. For this you need to use the REST API https://wazo-platform.org/documentation/console/configuration

2 You can add a specific subroutine to the user with a dialplan that delay the call


I want to thank you for your response.

  1. I love Old school. Does the custom line need anything like extension or can I name it the cell phone number? A picture would be great.

  2. Can you provide an example of the subroutine for Delay ringing the line. I have seen the example for “pre-mobility”.

Thank You