How To Make Infinite Autoincrement Extension In Context?

  • Need each of my users to have an extension from my Default Context, starting from 1.
  • Need the extension to have no limit. So extension can go to 999999999999 and beyond.


Create context

Add user Start and End (1 to Infinity)


Why I want to do this:
It will allow me to have an infinite user base, with easy extensions. And I can give my users ID in postgresql of their extension. E.g User 1129823 has extension: 1129823

How does one do this?

Oh you can’t, but i understand what you want to do.

Ah that is a problem.
What is the most optimal way to do this currently?
I see you can do 1,000,000 - 2,000,000. Is there any work arounds? Or if not, what would you do?

For example this?